5 & 10


weekly specials

SUNDAY BRUNCH & MONDAY DINNER  pimentowurst blt burgers with hand-cut fries

SUNDAY SUPPER  fried chicken dinner with all the fixin’s

TUESDAY  tonkatsu-style ramen night


with mignonette, cocktail, and benne crackers

Chunu, VA

Totten Inlet, WA

cheese with accompaniments and housemade baguette

one for $6, three for $15

BLUE  Asher Blue, Sweetgrass Dairy, GA

COW  Green Hill, Sweetgrass Dairy, GA

GOAT  Sofia, Capriole Farmstead, IN


PIMIENTO CHEESE  bacon marmalade, 5&10 crackers  6.

BOILED PEANUT HUMMUS  ga olive oil, toasted pullman  5.

OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL  mignonette, cocktail, benne crackers, AQ.


WINTER SQUASH SALAD  Muscadine, fromage blanc, farro, pistachio, pequillo escabeche, purslane 12.

SWEET POTATO SOUP vanilla, coconut milk, buttermilk, pepitas, pear, shiitake mushroom, pea shoots 10.

POTATO GNOCCHI Benton’s bacon, lobster mushrooms, nexus suave peppers, curly red mustards 16.

MIXED GREENS  shallot thyme vinaigrette, crushed pecans, Asher blue cheese & apples  8.

LACINATO KALE CAESAR classic dressing, parmesan, bacon, garlic confit, fried bread  9.

5&10 CHARCUTERIE BOARD mustards & pickles  16.


CAROLINA FlOUNDER cherry belle radish, bok choi, sweet potato, pepper soubise, pickled bamboo, scuppernong jam 29

WILD GA CATFISH  hakurei turnips, oyster mushrooms, apples, bacon, fried lacinato kale, marigold, bordelasie  29.

LOW COUNTRY FROGMORE STEW  shrimp, mussels, bay scallops, potatoes, corn, andouille, tomato broth, grilled bread  26.

LOCAL VEGETABLE PLATE  a variety of preparations of our favorite farmers’ produce  25.

5&10 PASTA LACES  Parisian ham, field peas, pickled summer peppers, collard greens, benne seed  23.

ANDERSON FARMS PORK  black peanut puree, celery root, dandelions, tomato marmalade, glazed belly  34.*

CONFIT MOULARD DUCK LEG  winter squash, brewster oats, hazelnut, mustard greens, fennel slaw, aleppo chili jus  31.

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*Items with an asterisk are served raw or undercooked or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. The consumption of raw or undercooked shellfish, meat or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.